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Feature Documentary: Race Across The Sky
Documentary   |   Leadville, CO
Race Across The Sky
HGTV - Hot Rod House
HGTV   |   Hot Rod House
HGTV - Last Dollar Ranch
HGTV   |   Last Dollar Ranch
DIY Network: Cool Tools - STIHL Timbersports Competition
DIY Network   |   STIHL Timbersports
Cool Tools
HGTV: Rezoned - Atlas Missile Silo
HGTV   |   Atlas Missile Silo
PBS: Spirit of Colorado - Sled Dog Race
PBS   |   Sled Dog Race
Spirit of Colorado
quote from Tim Oskar - Josh is a good storyteller with his camera—a unique gift. He’s not just there to record. He loves what he does and it shows.
PBS: Spirit of Colorado - Dream Job
PBS   |   Dream Job
Spirit of Colorado
DIY Network: Cool Tools - Germany
DIY Network   |   Germany Tour
Cool Tools
PBS: Spirit of Colorado - Horse Packing Race
PBS   |   Horse Packing Race
Spirit of Colorado
HGTV: What You Get For The Money - Rock n Roll House
HGTV   |   Rock 'n Roll House
What You Get For The Money