Travel Channel,
Trip Flip

Each episode features an action-packed itinerary for host and travel expert Bert Kreischer and his two random guests. The 3-day surprise vacation includes unexpected twists, celebrity appearances and off-the-beaten-path adventure. Sticks & Stones anticipated and followed the action of the travelers, including setting up GoPro and supplemental cameras to capture the action from the talents’ POV. Worked closely with talent and crew to block out scenes throughout the numerous location changes.

White water rafting on the Tieton River outside Seattle. Two-operator shoot with Panasonic HDX 900, Canon 5D Mark III and many GoPros.

Near Katoomba, Australia in the Blue Mountains, a slot-canyon adventure with a big repel at the end. Two camera-operator shoot with Canon 5D Mark III, Canon XF 305 and several GoPros.

Vacationers lace up with a professional roller derby team. Two-operator shoot with Panasonic HDX 900.

SCUBA diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Two-operator shoot with Canon 5D mark III, GoPro and Panasonic HDX 900.