Sticks & Stones Productions is Josh Bane’s dream job. Sticks & Stones blends his passion for storytelling with technical wizardry as a handheld camera operator and lighting director of photography. Over the past decade, Josh’s talents earned him four Emmy Awards for documentary and entertainment programs shot in HD. Producers and talent appreciate Josh’s time-sensitive style; editors love his creative, sequenced visuals that cut together easily in the edit room.

After graduating from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale’s acclaimed television production program, Josh spent years honing his craft—first shooting in ¾-inch tape before progressing to early digital media. While working on a PBS project, Josh had the opportunity to shoot on one of the country’s first HD cameras and became one of its most dedicated proponents.

Lighting is an essential element of photography and Sticks & Stones focuses on advanced lighting techniques to bring beauty to every project. In the run-and-gun environment of TV production, Josh’s quick and creative lighting practices help keep productions on track.

Portable expertise with a positive attitude. With extensive national and international production experience, Sticks & Stones goes wherever your project demands.In addition to his positive attitude and expertise, Josh brings:

  • • Strong lighting and composition skills
  • • Active handheld camera operation that anticipates the action
  • • Time sensitivity and calmness under the pressure of deadlines
  • • Experience in extreme elements including scuba diving, repelling, hiking, biking, snowboarding, caving, horseback riding, and 4x4’n
  • • Collaborative and personable with everyone on set—producers, directors, hosts, reality TV talent, and clients

Sticks & Stones works with some of the best video production personnel in the business and is able to provide field producers, PAs, grips/utility, lighting directors, teleprompter operators or any additional positions your project may require.